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How do I contact someone about the club or matches etc.?

You can go to the "Contacts" page for an email address of one of the club officers.

When are matches held?

Normal monthly matches are held on Sunday. It is best to get there about 7:30 a.m. (some people get there earlier) and the normal starting time is 9 a.m. Please see the "Calendar" page for the current calendar.

On match day, what time does it start?

It is scheduled to start at 9 a.m.

What is the cost for shooing in a match? Does that include everything?

Members: $30.00 - Non Members $35.00

It includes only your entry fee. See Equipment Needed below.

Do I have to be member to shoot in a match?

No, although you will pay a little more for your entry fee.

Who can compete?

Anyone. Minors must have a parent available on site. See the new "Challenger Class" info on the Calendar page.

Where are the matches held?

Dietz Range - New Braunfels, Tx - See Map to the range under the menu on the left side of the page.

How long does it take to shoot a match?

A normal match is done about 3 - 4 p.m.

How many rounds will I need to shoot a match?

We would suggest that you bring at least 100 rounds for all day ( includes probably enough ammo for shooting both distances). This will give you 5 sighters for each relay although you may not shoot all of the sighters each time but this will give you some idea of how much to bring overall.

How long do I have to shoot my shots for each relay?

A normal relay is 7 (seven minutes) but the first relay is a total of 10 minutes. There will be a 3 minute "sight in" period during the first relay at each distance followed by a 7 minute period to shoot your five shots plus any sighters that you need / want to shoot during the "scoring period".

Will there be any time for "sight in"?

Yes, you will get a 3 minute period to sight in on the "sighter" target during the first relay at each distance. See below.

What is the difference in shooting for "score" and shooting for "groups"?


In simple terms the shooting for score is scored by the "ring" value i.e. x ring, 10 ring, 9ring etc. and each shot is scored against a possible 10 points (x's are 10 points but are used for tie breakers).

Each relay (5 relays at 100 yds and 5 relays at 200 yds) you will have 5 record targets on the target board and 1 (one) sighter target. You will shoot one shot at each target with a possible score of 50 points per relay or 250 points at each distance. Total possible score for the day is 500.

During the "sight in" period you may not shoot the "record" targets.

You may not shoot more than one shot on each "scoring / record" target during scoring period (7 minutes). You may shoot as many as you want only on the sighter target i.e if the wind changes and you need to check how it will effect the bullet.

You will have about 30 minutes between relays and you may choose to shoot only one distance if you cannot be there for both. Your entry fee would be adjusted. The morning is the 100 yard distance and the afternoon is the 200 yard.


In simple terms, shooting for group is your best effort to shoot 5 shots through one hole!

This is done with one "sighter" target and one "record" target. All 5 shots are shot on one "record" target during each relay (See the relay explanation above in Score shooting). The group is measured to the .001 of an inch from the outer edge of the widest point between shots and one bullet width is subtracted from it.

Sample; You shoot a 308 and your group measures .614. We take .614-.308=.306 for your group in that relay. You shoot 5 groups at that distance and they are all averaged together to give you your average group.

The "sight in period" is the same as shown above. You may only shoot 5 shots on the record target. During the "sight in" period or the "record" period you may shoot as many shots as you want at the "sighter target".

What are the safety rules?

At the end of each period you must remove your bolt. Bolts must be removed at all times when you are not shooting. You may remove your rifle for cleaning etc. between relays. SAFETY IS PRIMARY. Follow all commands of the range master. If you have a problem during a relay shooting period - notify the range officer immediately.

What equipment do I need to shoot the first time?

You would need a front rest or a bipod, rear rest (optional but highly recommended, and your best shooting iron. Bring ammo, drinks and pack a lunch. You should consider a scope with adjustable turrets for both distances. You can shoot off of sand bags if you do not have a rest.

What is the most common caliber to shoot?

Any caliber is acceptable (See Challenger info on the Match Schedule) EXCEPT 50 CALIBERS. Generally, no muzzle breaks - some exceptions can be made in the Challenger class with approval from the club officers. Please contact one of them for any special concerns that you may have. See Contacts page.

The most common calibers for group shooting are 22 PPC and 6mm PPC.



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